Sunday, August 4, 2013

Still can't ride. Here's a bridge with flowers on it...

Still waiting for my ankles to heal from the micro tears in the tendons before I shoot more rides. I guess normally this takes a few months to heal fully. But I work on my feet/can't stop working currently so it might be a bit longer. Still hoping I'm all set by foliage season. Those are the rides that would really hurt me not to shoot.

Meanwhile though I shot one video a couple of weeks ago. I've shot the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburn Falls a couple of times, but this time I got a different angle. I picked up a 23-ft long extension pole and put the GoPro at the end of that. Didn't fully extend it, but I did put it out there enough to give the shot a view I haven't gotten before. A little vertigo inducing, but overall I'm happy with it.

BTW, here's the bridge in 2008:
And here it is from 2012:

The 2008 shot was done standard. The 2012 was GoPro on a monopod. I know at some point I also did a slideshow animation of it. That's lost in my basement somewhere. But anyway, here's my evolution as a video artist for you.

I'm pretty sure I first found this place when my wife Neon brought it to my attention. I think an old roommate of hers used to live out this way. I'm not really a big flower guy, but I always thought this thing was cool. Just a couple miles west of Greenfield and slightly off Route 2 (Mohawk Trail), it seems like something that could be worked into a few rail trails. Anyway, real cool place. Check it out if you ever get down that way.

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