Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Riding

Fine. I learned my lesson about the importance of stretching. I can't fool the stretch gods by doing a five minutes worth of bouncing before doing forty mile rides. I can't fool them skipping the ankles, which are probably the most likely things to be injured. Got it.

My physical therapist (I actually have one now for the time being) gave a me a 30-minute routine I need to do twice a day and more often during long rides. Sticking to it so far.

Anyway, here's my first ride back. After doing a few errands around town on Thursday I decided to do the Bruce Freeman Trail. Proximity, length (14.5 miles round trip, a good test but nothing killer) and simply liking the trail all played factors. I've shot it a few times before and will probably shoot it again next month when the foliage peaks. Here it is at a good, slow rate. 10 mph on the southbound, 11-12 mph heading back up. Edited out was a stop at the pond where I went swimming and did some stretching on the beach. Happy, Doc?

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