Monday, May 12, 2014

Shoot, right, the blog...

(From the FB page)
Hi all,
I've had a pretty busy month so far. Currently with the good weather here in New England I've been too busy riding/shooting so I'm a little behind on the editing. Sorry about that. Look forward to some jogger-friendly (8-10 mph) new vids of the Windham-Derry Trail and the Bruce Freeman trail hopefully later this week.

If you look at my YouTube page you'll notice I have been posting a lot ...of rides that might not show the more scenic parts of New England. These are being done to help make things better for commuter cyclists in Lowell by giving people a reference point for areas in need of improvement.

I've also done a couple of street rides around the town of Dracut, MA, the town next to Lowell. Dracut's a nice town but I'm looking forward to driving out a bit for other street rides.

Plenty of rides planned over the next couple of months. I'll try to stay on top of the editing. I promise they'll definitely be up before heatwave season.

Take care,

Here's some artsy stuff for you:
This one is a combination of a practical and traditional virtual riding video. The trail itself is a work in progress.
That's a traditional virtual cycling video.
The Battle Road trail is one of my most popular rides from last year. Shot it again without checking the local event listings so there's a pretty cool surprise in there.
Anyway, more clips not mentioned here are on YouTube. More rides are being edited. More rides will be shot soon. Let me know what you're hoping to see. If there's a trail somewhere close to eastern Mass/Southern NH I'll try to shoot it within the next month or so. Anything beyond that give me a little more time.