Saturday, April 20, 2013

New England Virtual Cycling, Batch 2: Fort Hill, Marblehead and Nahant

Wasn't really able to upload the rides as I went along this time, the editing was done differently. Since I'm currently dealing with shorter rides (Nahant below) and clip collections (Fort Hill above) there's been an increased use replays within a clip. To save time I've been finishing the editing on YouTube. As much as I'd like to have 2nd run throughs played faster that would involve more time with rendering the files. This adds hours to the editing time, hours that I'd rather spend riding.

The Nahant clip probably could have benefited from altered speeds since it does play slow at times while I'm trying to get around people on a crowded trail. Still though, it's a good clip with a strong variety of  visual elements.

I got another piece of the East Coast Greenway shot as well in the Salem/Marblehead area. This was shot the same day as Nahant (after work on Wednesday I think). The editing was a bit scrambled on both rides (you can't really tell unless you're carefully watching the shadows). With the Salem/Marblehead ride it was originally so I could edit out a dog doing a very dog-like thing. This resulted in reshooting about a small segment of trail. Then when I got to the end (middle of the round-trip) I saw the scene  I wanted to end with. Same deal with the Nahant video.

Then there was the trip to Gardner on Tuesday. There's two main websites I use to research trails: TrailLink and Google Maps (under the pulldown menu click 'bicycling' to see a bunch of trails). TrailLink is good for learning more about a trail once you're aware of it, but if you look at Google Maps you can start to get a better idea of how trails connect or are related to each other. I probably should have done that before heading out. I ended up shooting a 3-part ride by starting at part 2. Originally I thought that all there was was part 2 and I was just going to add this other ride a little bit north of it to fill out the video. Then I got to the end of part two and saw that a dirt trail with some moguls took me pretty much straight to the other ride/part 3. Part 1 comes into play when I finished the roundtrip on part 3, did a road ride back to part one and noticed another dirt trail across from the parking lot. THEN I checked the maps. So a couple of dirt trails later I get to another paved trail... Fun ride, just wish I planned it better.

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