Friday, December 14, 2012

Bang Bros on 121212

Shot the Bang! Bros twice on Wednesday. They were were trying to do twelve shows in twelve towns on 12/12/12 in an effort to break a world record for most shows in different cities in a 24-hour period previously held (and possibly currently) by The Flaming Lips. Unfortunately due my work schedule I wasn't able to hit more shows.
The Newburyport show (above) was at a large private residence that's hosted a few shows before. Really cool spot. Clip starts with bringing the gear in (everything already taped in place to the table, they just had to kick the legs down). Also caught a brief conversation between the Bros and Marc, D and  Greg talking about how a lot of these shows might not be enough to make the people at Guinness happy (unofficial venues, small or non-existant audiences, how do you define the word 'city'). "It's a personal World Record."

The Lowell show was originally set to take place at The 119 Gallery but was relocated to UnchARTed because it would have been difficult to work around 119's current exhibit:

Definitely more energy in the Lowell show with a crowd to play off of and some coffee before the show.

More info about the shows: article written before the effort.

Tech stuff for the videos: These were the first performances I show with the Sony HDR-CX190. Picked it up for $240 at Best Buy. Pros: It was $240. Decent sound and picture for the price. Cons: Inaccurate portrayal of battery life on the screen. With a larger battery it went from saying that it had 4.5 hours of juice left to saying it had 3 hours left in under 45 minutes of shooting. Also it doesn't let you just take the memory card (SDHC) out and put it in a card reader, computer has to read it from the camera.  

Had the "Low Lux" setting on which seemed to help (didn't need to adjust anything during editing). Can't remember if the zoom mic was on. Used a rigid monopod (no swivel head) but I think there's parts where you can hear me adjusting the leg for boom shots. There is a built in stabilizer but I had it turned off. Stabilizing was done on YouTube.

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